Brochure Profile:


When design timelines are short there is still plenty
of things you can do to achieve the right look for a strong and powerful presentation.  

We believe that no matter what your budget, it is our goal to insure that the image of your company must be the best we can offer.

The psychology behind the design must be clear.
“Is the company big enough, strong enough, experienced enough to handle our needs.”  Every industry has a personality or an established look that needs to be considered or complimented in order to be seen as a success.

A Lawyer’s image shouldn’t never look like a Hairdresser’s and Hairdresser’s image shouldn’t look like a Contractor’s.

On the project shown here, we had less than 24 hours to come up with the concept and another 24 hours for corrections and sign-off.  As you can see, powerful results can be achieved quickly.

The typical design turnaround is 3 days
for the first draft.

Cost of Design is $100 per 8.5x11 page,
plus $10 per custom photo purchased.

Total Design Cost: $460.00

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